Washington's new Attorney General Bob Ferguson paid a visit to Yakima and vowed to make fighting gangs a top priority.

Ferguson met with the Yakima County Gang Commission for the first time since he took office in January.  He heard from representatives from all over Yakima County.  Ferguson told the commission "I pledge my support to your efforts, I want to know what's the best way to be helpful, I want to hear directly from you what you see that's going on."  He also vowed to continue to make fighting gangs a top priority, like his predecessor Rob McKenna.

"In my view when it comes to public safety, based on my experience as a Jesuit volunteer, based on my years on the King County Council,  there's no greater public safety issue of gangs." Ferguson said the Yakima County Gang court is a model for other communities. Ferguson is a Democrat.

His predecessor Rob McKenna was a Republican.  Ferguson said he plans to run a nonpartisan, independent office. I’m the lawyer for the people of the state of Washington.