Santa has a list of names. Some are naughty and some are nice. Could such a list really exist?

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We have seen versions of this story in other forms, but it’s always fun to check the list, see if we or someone we know is listed and whether we agree! In this case, scientists try to tie behavior to specific names.

When you stop to think about it, naming your child is a huge responsibility. What if they hate the name? What if others hate the name? What if they get picked on because of the name? It’s almost enough to make you want to name your child TBD (to be determined)!

As it turns out, each child's name might tell you a little bit about their personality. An education reward system called School Stickers asked about 60,000 children to digitally record the stickers they received for behaving well in school. School Stickers then tracked the children's behavior based on 1 million entries and they found certain names turned up on the naughty and nice lists more than others.  Ladies first:

Top 10 Worst-Behaved Girl Names

  1. Ella
  2. Bethany
  3. Eleanor
  4. Olivia
  5. Laura
  6. Holly
  7. Courtney
  8. Amber
  9. Caitlin
  10. Jade

Top 10 Best-Behaved Girl Names

  1. Amy
  2. Georgia
  3. Emma
  4. Charlotte
  5. Grace
  6. Sophie
  7. Abigail
  8. Hannah
  9. Emily
  10. Alice

I shared this with an “Amy” at work and she was thrilled that the world now knows what she knew all along! Very funny. So what about the boys?

Top 10 Worst-Behaved Boy Names

  1. Joseph
  2. Cameron
  3. William
  4. Jake
  5. Joshua
  6. Jamie
  7. Lewis
  8. Benjamin
  9. Ethan
  10. Luke

Top 10 Best-Behaved Boy Names

  1. Jacob
  2. Daniel
  3. Thomas
  4. James
  5. Adam
  6. Harry
  7. Samuel
  8. Jack
  9. Oliver
  10. Ryan