For  the last 12 years Zillah science teacher Jeff Charboneau spent most of his August preparing for the upcoming school year. However, this August has been much different than years past. Charboneau will not be in the classroom this fall, instead he will be traveling the world as the 2013 National Teacher of the Year.

Since  winning the award in June, Charboneau has been traveling the country, logging more than 25,000 air miles "I've traveled to 11 different states since June 15th, traveling to the National Education Association National Convention in Atlanta, speaking to over nine thousand people."

Charboneau admits that it's tough being away from his family, and he admits that he will miss the kids in the classroom, but he relishes in the opportunity to be an ambassador for education. "What's really been nice is starting to have a specific voice, sharing some of the things happening in the Yakima Valley, you know, things that are working for us. At the same time knowing that this isn't going to work in Chicago or Florida, but maybe there's some things that are happening there that will help us here as well."

Charboneau will travel to the far east this fall. he'll be heading to China next month and then it's off to Japan in October.

After his travels this year,  Charboneau plans to return to teaching next fall.