The TV show "Modern Family" (MOFY) has become a favorite around our house for for its' depiction of what many would term a "non-traditional American extended family". But, the more I got to looking at my own family maybe a MOFY is a lot more common than we think.

If you're not familiar with the show's premise, here's a thumbnail sketch according to Wikipedia:

The show revolves around three families living in Los Angeles who are interrelated through Jay Prichett and his children, Claire and Mitchell. Jay  is re-married to a much younger woman, Gloria, a Colombian with whom he has a baby son, Fulgencio (Joe) Pritchett; and a 14-year-old son from Gloria's previous relationship, Manny . Jay's daughter Claire  is a homemaker married to Phil Dunphy , a real-estate agent and self-professed "cool dad". They have three children: Haley the stereotypical ditzy teenage girl;[ Alex , a nerdy, smart middle child; and Luke , the offbeat only son.Jay's lawyer son Mitchell  and his partner Cameron  have an adopted Vietnamese daughter, Lily.

Not exactly Dad, Mom and 3.2 children is it?

My wife and I were talking about how our own family fits the bill as a MOFY.

  • It's a second marriage for both of us. She was a widow, I was divorced.
  • All of our five children are adopted out of foster care, with ages ranging from two to 17.
  • We are older parents, as my wife and I are both in our 50s.
  • We have to deal with not one, but two teenage daughters at the same time.
  • We are an interracial family as well, as our youngest son is of Hispanic heritage.

Although the more I think about it, MOFYs are probably becoming more common all the time.

How about your family?

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