How far would you go to promote good heart health?  Would you go all the way to, oh say, the symphony--Or-- to your favorite TownSquare Media radio station?  Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center say music can make your heart soar and more!

Vladimir Rys/Getty Images

In the study in question, ten men and women spent 30 minutes listening to music they selected and enjoyed, and another half hour listening to anxiety producing tunes.  While they swooned or squirmed their blood vessel function was measured. The fascinating results-- blood vessel diameters expanded 26% when the volunteers listened to their favorite music but narrowed by 6% while listening to music that caused anxiety. (I knew that rap was killing me bit by bit!)

Scientists says a wider vessel means blood flows more smoothly with less likelihood of heart attack or stroke signaling the potential of another preventive strategy that could be incorporated in our daily lives to promote heart health.