Another in a series of short day trips you can take around the Yakima Valley that won’t totally destroy your gas budget.

Mt. Rainier is something that we here in the valley perhaps take for granted. It's always there, and most of us see it at least once a day. Depending on where you live, you get a glimpse or a good look.  It's featured on our license plates, and was on our state quarter as well.

How many businesses around the valley have the name "Rainier"?  The point is, while it is a relatively short distance from Yakima how many of us visit the park on a regular basis?

The best way to visit Paradise at Mount Rainier is to take Highway 12 over White Pass.  Here's a great site about that highway:

and here's the Official Mt. Rainier National Park website:

It's still winter in the Cascades. Check out the Mt. Rainier Mountain Cam:

Driving distance from Yakima to Paradise is 87 miles. Admission to the park is free through Sunday as part of National Parks Week.