One of the big knocks on fast food (ummm, delicious) is that it contributes to obesity in the poor since the poor allegedly eat a disproportionate amount of inexpensive fast food. But a new study appears to contradict all that...the lates from U.C. Davis."Middle class families eat more fast food than less-healthy poor ones, according to a new study from the University of California, Davis. The findings suggest restaurant chains like McDonald's and Burger King might not be the biggest culprits in America's fight against expanding waistlines because the poorest, and least healthy, families can't afford to eat out as often."

"Researcher J. Paul Leigh studied a survey of the eating habits of 5,000 Americans in the mid-1990s and found that fast food consumption increased with income level. But when incomes reach about $60,000 a year, fast food consumption declined, as families chose sit-down restaurants over the drive-through lane. (UPI) Among the study's other findings: • People with more education were more likely to go to full-service, sit-down restaurants. • Smokers were more likely to go to fast-food restaurants. • People who worked longer hours were more likely to eat out. • Men were more likely than women to eat out."