I love the new Mercedes commercial with Santa sending the white cars to the folks on the nice list

SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

and the red cars to the naughty.  I thinks it’s a cute and effective ad.  Our cars do reflect our personalities and that often includes the car’s nickname. A recent Automotive.com survey shows that 61% of car owners have named their car. The most popular name among the respondents of the survey was "Beast." Other popular names include: Batmobile, Betsy, Big Red, Christine, Lucy, Penny and Silver Bullet.  I admit to owning a Fox, Ox and T-Rex!

  • 16 is the most common age to get a first car
  • 15% have never owned a car
  • 17% are OK if someone smokes in their car
  • 92% said that they always or usually wear their seatbelts
  • 80% of parents expect their passengers to buckle up