I grew up on a farm and our small country town didn’t have a fast food outlet.  I didn’t get my first McBurger until I was18.  Needless to say I have made up for lost time to the extent that I now consider myself to be an expert.  I have reached the conclusion that fast food is no longer as fast as it once was and I’m not alone in that assessment.


A new study finds that the drive-thru windows of fast food joints are indeed slowing down. Researchers say over the past year, the amount of time customers spend waiting at drive-thru windows has increased by an average of 8.19 seconds. The research was conducted by Insula Research for QSR Magazine and researchers say the reason for the longer wait is due to the growing complexity and variety of fast food menus.

For example, new burritos and bowls at Taco Bell have up to ten ingredients, and many fast food restaurants are offering high-brow options like Wendy's Pretzel Burger and Burger King's Bacon Sundae. Researchers assessed seven brands of fast food restaurants in 40 different states for their numbers. (Fox)