A recent opinion piece in the YHR cited the sad statistics of out of wedlock childbirth.

"Out-of-wedlock births are now at 72 percent in the African-American community and 53 percent among Latinos, compared to 29 percent among non-Hispanic whites."

Is it the breakdown of the traditional family, the end of society as we know it?  OR--is it just a sign of the times, the by-product of a younger generation which self reports being more liberal--less religious, more independent--less patriotic than previous generations of Americans.

One thing we do know is that more unmarried people are making babies. A Pew Research study found that 47 percent of millennial women who had babies in 2012 were not married, compared to 35 percent of moms from Generation X when they were that age.

Researchers say the reason for this is that the 18-33 year old millennials are facing economic hardship which leads to many babies being born out of wedlock. The study also found that millennials are the first generation in the modern era to be worse off in terms of poverty, unemployment, income and personal wealth than the two previous generations were at the same age.

Not to sound like grandpa here but perhaps a little more religion and patriotism and a little less liberalism might help! That is all.

Rob Kim/FilmMagic