I love walking through the Sundome every year at the Central Washington State Fair, just to see what amazing new gadget that will make our lives easier is on sale.

The commercial exhibits in the Sundome during the fair have always grabbed my attention. That, and the pitches that go with them. There is at least one product there that will make you taller, healthier, better looking, save you time and money, and make cleanups a breeze.

Through the years, I've purchased car wax, jewelry cleaner, a product that will clean almost everything, and more kitchen gadgets than I can count. And they all have worked great.

This has to be my favorite kitchen gadget that I've purchased at the fair.

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It slices, it dices, it juices, it whips, and is the perfect salsa maker. And it really worked!

In fact, I pretty much wore it out a few years ago. Better get down to the fair for a new one!

What are your favorite fair gadgets?

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