If Major League Baseball wanted to get more bang for its buck, moving Opening Day 2011 to Thursday, March 31 was brilliant. For the first time since 1976, MLB will start on a Thursday in order to ensure the World Series isn't played in November.The Mariners open tomorrow at Oakland, but today is officially opening day.

Baseball competes for fan dollars with the NBA and NHL at the start of the season. Hockey and basketball are winding down to the playoffs while Major League Baseball is just starting. The difference is more markets are excited about the start of a season rather than one winding down.

November is cold. No one wants to sit outside in Minnesota, Detroit, New York, Boston or Seattle in November for a World Series.

Baseball is not a cold-weather sport. They're called the boys of summer for a reason. Until there are nothing but domed stadiums, hosting a baseball game in November is downright chilly. Luckily there are no teams in Alaska.