They grow up so fast don’t they….blink and they’re gone….you have heard them all and maybe lived them. But looking back, what do you regret most about you performance as a parent during your children’s childhood?  See if you share these bitter pills as a recent survey of 2,000 parents list the top 20 regrets



1. Working too much
2. Worrying about the little things
3. Not playing with them more
4. Not going on more vacations
5. Not taking enough photos
6. Spending too much time away
7. Not filming enough events or milestones in their lives
8. Not taking them on 'big' trips such as Disneyworld
9. Not encouraging them to take up a/more hobbies
10. Not having a shared hobby
11. Not reading enough to them at bedtime
12. Spending too much time worrying about housework
13. Not taking them swimming more
14. Not letting them take part in messy activities more often
15. Not teaching them to swim earlier
16. Not being at some of the milestones in their life
17. Not making enough of Christmas/birthdays with them
18. Being too over-protective
19. Always waiting for the next milestone instead of enjoying the current one
20. Not enjoying days out more