Keep your own compost! Or at least keep half of it. That message from State Representative Matt Manweller.  The 13th district republican from Ellensburg has introduced a bill that would require cities and counties mandating compost to keep at least half of their waste.

Manweller said, "Seattle doesn't want the smell in their city, but they want the smell in our city, so the citizens of Kittitas County are understandably upset about being the dumping ground of Seattle."  The City of Seattle is planning to send all of its composted food, yard waste and sewer solids to Kittitas County.  "To mandate composting, which has its environmental benefits, but to put it on a diesel truck and haul it 300 miles away, negates all of the environmental benefits of composting," he said.
While the bill likely won't move during the second special session, Manweller is hoping it
has been introduced early enough to be ripe for consideration next year.