Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital announced it's fourth C.E.O. in history today. Russ Myers, the current Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President was picked to    replace the retiring Rick Linneweh, who is stepping down in January after 37 years as Chief Operating Officer. Myers will take over in mid January was introduced at a ceremony today in the auditorium at the hospital. Before introducing Meyers, Bill Dolsen, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Board Chairman said "the selection process to replace Linneweh began some two and a half years ago, the plan was to find the right person to take the hospital through what may be the most challenging time in the hospital's history."

Myers, who has been with memorial for 23 years, welcomes the opportunity to take over the hospital at such a critical time. Myers takes over in January, the same time the Affordable Care Act goes into affect.  "Memorial, like every health care organization in the United States will need to be ready for what promises to be a transformational journey, where we shift from a responsibility of caring for the sick, to the responsibility of being accountable for health in our community, we have lots of work to do, but given all the great people at Memorial, and the framework that's been built, over the last several years at Memorial, we are more than ready."

Myers takes over in January of 2014.