I have never been a gear head or car guy.  Reliable transportation is about all that's ever mattered to me.  I suppose that could change if I hit the Mega Millions.  Should that happen I just might have to look into a new Maserati.Researchers have confirmed that the sound of one car's engine makes women feel sexy. And that car is a Maserati. In a study conducted by British car insurer Hiscox, 100% of the women polled had a significant increase in testosterone secretion after hearing the roar of a Maserati's engine.

Testosterone is the hormone for both men and women that makes them feel sexy. Study leader and psychologist David Moxon believed that loud noises, such as the revving of an engine, would have an arousing effect on an individual's physiology. Turns out, he was right.

You can double check the survey yourself but a Maserati will run you somewhere

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

north of 125-thousand dollars!