The 2012 season is history, and Mariners' utility player Chone Figgins has something to say.


Figgins told a northwest sports writer Wednesday: "I can't take two more years of this."

Figgins is signed through 2013, and has not really produced since signing a 35 million dollar deal in 2010. He was coming off an All-Star season with Los Angeles. In 2009, Figgins batted .298, hit 30 doubles, stole 42 bases and led the lead with 101 walks as a third-baseman in his eighth season. Seattle  hoped he would bring the same sort of scrappy ballplay to the Pacific Northwest.

It didn't happen. Figgins' numbers never came close to approaching what he had done with the Angels.

So now, he want's to leave. The M's have to make a decision.

They could hope to trade him, likely having to eat his salary unless Figgins could work out a new deal with his new team. They could cut him and write off the last $9 million of his salary as a loss. Or they could option him to the minor leagues, but he would need to pass through waivers first.

Or the M’s could just say, “Tough stuff,” and keep Figgins around for the last year of his contract.

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