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 Is it ever too early to start bagging on the Seattle Mariners?  Sure there is the final 3rd of the football season to go but when you read stuff like this you just have to pause…and rant a little.  I received an email featuring this blog post from the Seattle Times.   I can’t add much to it other than the things I couldn’t say on the radio anyway.  Grit your teeth and  check it out!

Posted by Jim Lockerbie

Jim Lockerbie is a longtime high-school history teacher and longtime Mariners fan who lives in Seattle.

The regular baseball season is over, and the Mariners hitters once again finished last in the major leagues in batting average (.234) and on-base percentage (.296).

It didn't have to be that way. A group of former Mariners hitters did much better. In fact, it's easy to pencil in a great lineup of ex-Mariners that could out-hit the current team no matter where you move the Safeco Field fences. Check these guys out, with 2012 statistics:

Yorvit Torrealba, catcher: 4 home runs, .227 batting average

Chris Gimenez, catcher: 4 HR, .260

Bryan LaHair, first base: 16 HR, .259

Adrian Beltre, third base: 36 HR, .321

Alex Rodriguez, third base/shortstop: 18 HR, .272

Greg Dobbs, utility: 5 HR, .285

Willie Bloomquist, utility: 0 HR, .302

Scott Podsednik, utility: 1 HR, .302

Mike Morse, left field: 18 HR, .291

Adam Jones, center field: 32 HR, .287

Shin Soo Choo, right field: 16 HR, .283

David Ortiz, DH: 23 HR, .318

Totals: 186 HR, .284

That's right: These Mariners castoffs hit 186 home runs and batted .284 in 2012.

For these former Mariners, Seattle received Maros Carvahal, Eduardo Perez, Ryan Langerhans, Erik Bedard, Ben Broussard and Dave Hollins! Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln needs to come out of hiding and explain how his hires managed to make so many disastrous decisions.

The best deal for Mariners fans would be to put Mr. Lincoln on waivers for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release.

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