The State of Washington is now officially in the pot business.

The State Liquor Control Board adopted the rules that cover everything from how many pot stores can open along with the size of licensed marijuana gardens Wednesday.

State Spokesman Brian Smith says the state will produce 80 metric tons of marijuana every year. 40 tons will be used for smoking but the other 40 tons will be used in another way.

“It’ll be broken down into concentrates like oils and other products. People that vaporize and do other things with marijuana are a growing segment of the market itself.”

Washington and Colorado voted last year to legalize marijuana and allow its sale for recreational use at state-licensed stores. In Washington, supporters hope the sale of taxed pot to adults over 21 might bring the state tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

The proposed rules allow up to 334 pot stores to open in Washington with six stores permitted to be open in the Yakima area.

The stores are expected to open by next summer. Colorado approved its marijuana industry rules last month.