Every week has one. Statistically speaking, the average person will see about 4,040 of them in their lifetime.  We are talking about Mondays.  Most of us claim to hate Mondays.  We write songs about how much we hate Mondays and yet…  


Psychologists interviewed 550 people about their moods on each day of the week and found that Mondays were not as depressing as expected.  Another surprise was that weekends were perceived as not as exciting as they'd hoped.

Based on these interviews, researchers concluded that one day was pretty much the same as the next for people except for…. Wednesday! Wednesday is the day when the heavy workload led folks to look forward to the weekend.  The study concludes that day of the week stereotypes like Monday morning blues and T.G.I. Friday were more myth than meaningful.

Tell that to Fats Domino, The Bangles and Love and Kisses!