The former mayor of Prosser, Linda Lusk, is making headlines once again. She faced a judge Friday afternoon in one final attempt to be able to go to her daughter's graduation ceremony on June 7th.

The judge ruled in favor of the Prosser School District. Linda Lusk is not allowed to go to graduation at Art Fiker Stadium in Prosser. She and her daughter were side by side throughout the hearing.

The attorneys on each side argued first over the wording in the district's policies but the judge decided the final word is up to school officials.

Lusk's attorney spoke with NBC Right Now after the hearing. He disagrees with the judge and the school board.

"When this superintendent says no no no, you get the feeling he's not making a decision. He thinks the policy of the board is to reject any and all level ones to com on school grounds," said attorney Gary Dow.

Lusk is barred from school grounds because the courts convicted her of child molestation of a 14-year-old boy in 2011. She's been a registered sex offender since.