Good jobs can be hard to come by around here. Yakima County's unemployment rate was up to 11.4 percent in February, according to the state Employment Security Department. That number is 4.1 percentage points higher than the state average. For those of us who are gainfully employed, well it’s human nature to think the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence -- that some other job may be better than the job you have.

Unless you are a lumberjack. If you are a lumberjack you are pretty much assured that the grass IS greener -- everywhere.Close behind the lumberjack is the newspaper reporter writing of his demise. The logger doesn’t chop the tree that isn’t used to make the paper that isn’t used to print the page that nobody reads anymore. Whew!

The folks at the Business Insider have published a report from CareerCast shows that things aren't so bright for those in the logging or newspaper industries. The career guidance website just released its 26th annual Jobs Rated report, which evaluates income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and the physical demands of 200 professions across a wide variety of industries, salary ranges and skill levels.

The publisher of CareerCast says in addition to the declining demand for lumber products, lumberjack ranked as the worst job of 2014 "primarily because of the extremely harsh working conditions; a high risk of injury and death on the job; low pay; and poor employment prospects."

On the flip side, if you thought there would be no math you aren’t prepared for three of country’s top four jobs!

Here are the 10 worst jobs of 2014, according to CareerCast:

Rank Job Midlevel Pay
1 Lumberjack $24,340
2 Newspaper Reporter $37,090
3 Enlisted Military Personnel $28,840
4 Taxi Driver $22,820
5 Broadcaster $55,380
6 Head Cook $42,480
7 Flight Attendant $37,240
8 Garbage Collector $22,970
9 Firefighter $45,250
10 Corrections Officer $38,970

Here are the 10 best jobs of 2014, according to CareerCast:

Tim de Frisco /Allsport

1. Mathematician

2. University Professor (Tenured)

3. Statistician

4. Actuary

5. Audiologist

6. Dental Hygienist

7. Software Engineer

8. Computer Systems Analyst

9. Occupational Therapist

10. Speech Pathologist