We all have stores or businesses we miss that used to be in Yakima but aren't anymore. I'm looking for your help to highlight some of them in a future Brian's Blog.


I ran across a story at Seattlepi.com about stores in Seattle that don't exist anymore, but people still miss. I got to thinking about the same thing for Yakima.

I would like to do a future blog about some of my favorite places that aren't here anymore. I thought of Budget Tapes and Records, People's Department Store, Ernst Home Center, and too many restaurants to mention as examples. I can write about them easily, but here's my problem.

I'm looking for photos of the places I mentioned and maybe some of your favorites, too. Keep in mind they have to be pictures that you yourself have taken and would be willing to let me publish with your permission. They cannot be photos that you may have downloaded from a website or found on Google or Bing. They have to be original photos.

If you have any shots that might be usable email them to me at brianteegarden@townsquaremedia.com. You will get full credit for their use in my upcoming blog post.

Here's to remembering Yakima's retail past. Thanks for your help!