Lektor was the Yakima Police Department's first patrol K-9 who was hired to catch bad guys in the year 2000.

Lektor recently passed away but his former handler Sgt. Mike Henne says Lektor made a big impact. He says Lektor started a legacy of police K-9s that continues today.

Today we have four patrol dogs that support officers.

Henne says when he worked with Lektor it changed the way he handled his job.

I became more of a support role for the officers. When they would get into something I would come with the dog and back them up.

With the change of the law concerning marijuana the department no longer has the narcotics dogs. But he says the four patrol dogs continue to help and save officers from being injured in risky situations.

Henne says after Lektor retired after eight years on the job he became Henne family member until he passed away within the last week.