Yakima residents have an opportunity to share a piece of what makes the Valley great with friends and family around the country while helping some students earn a great experience.

Madison House is selling boxes of a dozen apples that can be shipped or picked up as a fund raiser for the kids to go to Spring Break 2014 in Oregon.

Spring Break 2014 offers a “traveling classroom” opportunity on the Oregon Coast. The classroom offers a science-based experience that will educate students in biology, anatomy, chemistry, marine studies, forest ecology and water conservation.

Students will also have opportunities to participate in activities that emphasize outdoor survival skills, map and compass reading as well as identification of plants and animals.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry offers this experience to students as a hands-on learning opportunity for five days and four nights. Their instructors have creative and fun ways to help students understand the ecosystem.

Prices range from $20 to $39 depending on if the apples need to be mailed or picked up. Varieties include: Gala, Granny, Fuji and Honeycrisp and can be packaged as all one flavor or in a mix.

For information contact Mark Holtzinger at 941-8000.