A non-profit in Yakima is looking for the public's help to put the city's name on the map as a place to visit.

I Heart Yakima is making a promotional short film for the city to build up its reputation as a tourism hot-spot in the region.

They are asking the community to donate to help finish producing the video.

The creators of I Heart Yakima said they need the community to come together to show off what the city has to offer.

"Help us get the story out that this is a great place to live. We love living here. There's more to Yakima than what you see and hear everyday, and that's what we really want to start having a drum beat of; that Yakima is a great place to live, so join us," Said co-creator Bridget Russel.

A photographer who is born and raised in Yakima is making the video and they are keeping every aspect of the process local.

The organization is looking to raise $5,000.00 during the next month to finish the film and get it online.

The group is using Kickstarter to raise the money and donations can be made online.