A majority of school district levies in the valley were approved on Tuesday as voters support local students. In Selah voters gave thumbs up to a 30.5 million dollar bond to build a new Selah Jr. High School and provide upgrades in the district...66 percent voted in favor of the levy. It was the third time but this time it was a success. In Naches...a 19.8 million dollar bond didn't win approval from voters. Coming up short with 58 percent, a supermajority 60 percent was needed.

The largest district in the valley the Yakima School District saw approval of a 54 million dollar maintenance and operations levy. But voters in West Valley say no. Voters rejected the 16.8 million dollar 2 year levy with only about 45 percent in support.

East Valley voters also supported an 8.8 million dollar levy.