It’s about to be on like Donkey Kong! Or at least like Kong’s K-9!   KIT’s “Leader of the Pack” contest is coming up in about a week or so.  All five KIT staffers have dogs as pets and naturally each of us thinks our dog is best--now we need your help to prove it.  In the days to come we’ll post pictures of our pooches like the mighty Dewey shown here. 

3 Icons of Winter--Gator, Dewey & Dave

We’ll share their back stories and a word or two of manipulation about why each should win.  Then it will be up to you to vote and we would like to provide a prize drawing for those who vote for the high point hound.

Ideas being kicked around include a pet spa day for YOUR dog or a spa day for you if you don’t have a dog or a donation to a shelter in your name, etc. You get the idea.  One of us will get in-house bragging rights for a year because of your vote so one of you should win a cool prize for helping out.  SO what do you think?

Share your thoughts here or on face book. Help us pick the prize you could win for voting for, um..I mean one of the five KIT pets!