They made a movie about it called Grumpy Old Men. They even made a sequel. Grumpiness and old age seem to go together.  Think Clint Eastwood growling at kids to “get off my lawn.”  But folks do not start out as sourpusses-- they get grumpy as they age. A recent study reveals that grumpiness begins at age 52 and mushrooms as people get older. The least cranky humans are the babies, who laugh an average of 300 times a day. But by the time they have grown into teenagers, the chuckles have plummeted to just six daily. Folks over 60 laugh a sulky 2 and a half times every 24 hours.

David Hecker/Getty Images

And it is no wonder the older men are usually portrayed as grouches because guys tend to be a lot crabbier than gals. Don’t want to be grumpy? Laugh more! Want to laugh more? Listen to the Morning News 6-9 weekdays on news Talk KIT. We take laughing seriously!