As we watched chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-lord Walter White meet his demise in the last scene of the final episode of "Breaking Bad," we got to hear one of the best bands of the British Invasion help say goodbye.

The TV series "Breaking Bad" has always used all types of music to help set the mood of a particular scene. It was probably most the poignant use of a song that played over the final scene, as a dying Walter White (Bryan Cranston) saying goodbye to a meth lab that he had designed. What was the song that creator Vince Gilligan chose for this scene?

"Baby Blue" by Badfinger. Take a look at the final scene.

Badfinger was a British band formed in the 1960s that signed with the Beatles' Apple Records in 1968. They had four #1 worldwide hits from 1970-1971, "Come and Get It", "No Matter What", "Day After Day", and "Baby Blue."

I am a huge fan of "Breaking Bad" and also of British Invasion music, so hearing the way that "Baby Blue" was matched up with Walter White's farewell and death really hit a note with me. And today, the internet is buzzing with news of Badfinger's rediscovery.

Here's a video of Badfinger performing "Baby Blue" in 1972.

By the way, that is a young Kenny Rogers introducing the band from an appearance on the 70s syndicated show "Rolling On The River."

Read about how one of the members of Badfinger feels about the use of "Baby Blue" in the final scene of the "Breaking Bad" finale here.