Are you ready for Election 2012 to be over?  Me too. While it won’t count “officially” you can vote early and often…at 7-Eleven. The 24-hour convenience store is asking coffee customers to select their candidate by choosing their coffee cups: red for former Governor Mitt Romney and blue for President Barack Obama.  Sound familiar? It should…the convenience company has been at this for the past few elections.

While the promotion, dubbed "7-Election 2012," isn't exactly scientific it is predictive.   Check out the result from 7-Eleven! 

“In 2000, George W. Bush received 21 percent of the 7-Election votes; Al Gore received 20 percent (the non-partisan cups were also part of the counting). The one percent difference reflected the country's final official tabulation, with Bush beating Gore by less than one percent. In 2004, George W. took on John Kerry. In the 7-Election Bush came out on top with 51 percent, and in the U.S. election, Bush received 50.7 percent of Americans' votes. In 2008, Barack Obama received 52 percent of the 7-Election votes (52.9 percent of the U.S. votes) while John McCain received 46 percent (45.7 percent of the U.S. votes).”

That’s mighty impressive…but I don’t drink coffee…am I disenfranchised?  How can I make my vote count?  Buy a cup, register your vote and give the cup to a guy with a sign on the street corner!

 “The specially marked cups are tabulated instantly when the purchase is made and the results are tracked on the 7-Election website. (You can even check your state to see who is ahead.)   7-Eleven, Inc. President and CEO Joe DePinto said, Each day, almost 7 million Americans visit our neighborhood stores on their way to work, after school, or while they're out and about. Around 1 million of those purchase a cup of 7-Eleven coffee." You could say voting at 7-Eleven might even be easier than going to the official polling sites, as approximately 25 percent of the U.S. population lives within one mile of a 7-Eleven store and there are nearly 9,000 locations throughout the U.S.”