Sure signs of Fall in Yakima include the beautiful leaves falling from the trees, the lowly Mariner’s watching the playoffs from the sidelines and for 9 years running, Celebrity Turkey Bowling at the Grocery Outlet.  Each year Vicki and Dennis Baker channel their big hearted generosity into a pair of mini-bowling lanes at their south first street store and invite area media, law enforcement and military personnel in to attempt to bowl over pins with frozen turkeys.


It is difficult, ridiculous and great fun…not to mention highly charged with good natured competition.  The real winners in this bird bowl bonanza are the various area charities and agencies like NW Harvest and Rod’s House that get a turkey for every strike.   Over the years the Baker’s have given away hundreds of turkeys and that does not included the poor birds which played the role of bowling balls!  They end up on the scrap heap of “hey, don’t play with your food”.


KIT dominated the first few years of competition but we saw our edge eroded in recent times by KIMA, Union Gap Police and another upstart radio station…but I’m pleased and proud to announce that all is right with the world once again as KIT finished in first place with 18 strikes..7 for me, 7 for Mike Bastinelli and 4 for Lance Tormey.  KIMA and sister station KDBL the Bull were tied for second with 13 strikes each.


It was goofy good fun and we will display our trophy with pride.  We aren’t the Celtics but we do have a tradition to uphold!  Each bite of my turkey this Thanksgiving will taste a little better knowing we helped put some deliciousness on a plate for others.  Thanks again to the Baker’s and Grocery Outlet for their generosity and imagination.  See you next year when we WILL defend the crown!