If this is true, my kids will be geniuses!



A story published recently in the London Daily Mail says that according to a new study,kids born to moms over 40 are not only healthier but also smarter than offspring of younger women and less likely to have accidents.

Their kids will also develop a larger  vocabulary from a young age and achieve higher scores in IQ tests in a range of measures up to the age of five, the study said.

This could be good news for women who have put off having children at a younger age while establishing a career.

Previous studies have highlighted the growing infertility rates for older women in the United Kingdomand the greater risk of them developing diabetes and pre-eclampsia disorder. But the latest research seems to show gains for older mothers once they have given birth, possibly due to their greater experience and maturity.

The study, published by the Institute of Child Health, University College London and Birkbeck College, London, said their findings showed older women could make better parents.

The study also warned that there could be the usual  risks of pregnancy and childbirth to older mothers.

In my own family, all of our children came to us in our 40's. They are all adopted out of foster care, but this study seems to lean towards the mothers' experiences in life and the environment they provide their children as the larger contributing factors.

I'm counting the Nobel Prize money now!