An important hearing in the Goggin family murder case today could determine the future of the case.

Yakima County prosecutors want a plea deal that was worked out with suspect Kevin Harper last year dismissed. Harpers' attorney says that prosecutors must honor the plea deal.

The deal calls for prosecutors to drop three aggravated first degree murder charges against Harper for the February 2011 murders of three members of the Goggin family in their West Valley home. In exchange Harper will plead guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of stolen property. In the deal Harper faces a sentence of more than 7 years.

The judge now faces the question of whether to allow the plea deal to stand and essentially end the case for Harper who's considered by some to be the prime suspect. Prosecutors say Harper violated terms of the deal and that they have new evidence that could help convict him of the murders.

A hearing in Yakima County Superior Court is set for Monday morning.