Beyond the traditional turkey, many American families have certain dishes that absolutely have to be on the Thanksgiving table, or it's just not an official holiday dinner. What are some of those dishes for your family?

A quick poll of my KIT Radio colleagues revealed the following:

North Dakota native Dave Ettl said mince pie made with wine always graced his family's table. Dave said it was his dad's favorite.

For Lance Tormey, it's his mom's candied sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows, while for Mike Bastinelli it's his wife Kim's special stuffing.

At the Teegarden house, it's pretty simple. Canned green beans dressed up with sauteed bacon and onions. My favorite aunt did that every year, so that's what we have. Not fancy, but just good.

How about your family? What are some of the "must haves" that grace your Thanksgiving table?

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