Having another blah Monday?  Nothing too memorable going on at the office?  Thay has not always been the case on the 25th of February. There have been some significant developments on this day in history: —1793  President George Washington invited all his department heads to his home at Mt. Vernon, Virginia, for the first cabinet meeting in American history.


Dennis Brack/Bloomberg via Getty Images

—1836  Samuel Colt received a patent for his invention, the revolving pistol, or the "six-shooter."

—1913  The 16th amendment to the Constitution went into effect, authorizing the government to collect taxes on all income.

--1964  Twenty-two-year-old Cassius Clay (later named Muhammad Ali) became world heavyweight boxing champion by defeating Sonny Liston. At the height of his athletic career Ali was well known for both his fighting ability and personal style.  Ali is the only fighter to win the heavyweight fighting title three separate times.