Immigration reform remains a hot topic across the state and some local adovates for reform held a press conference in Yakima on Tuesday.

One aspect of immigration reform in the region is providing jobs for immigrant workers. The chairman for the Yakima County Republican Party said if the regulations were in place with programs to provide work, this would be a great addition to our region.

"They are needed. They do good work and they are willing to do that kind of work. Our farmers need them, and we need to be competitive," said Chairman John Puccinelli.

Immigration advocates from The Center for American Progress and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees held the press conference in Yakima Tuesday. They said if immigration reform passes in the fall, more than 3,000 jobs would be added annually in the agriculture industry across the state.

That could add $12.5 billion dollars in state revenue.

Advocates are hoping to gain support from Congressman Doc Hastings, but they said if congress does not act now, it could take years until we see a change.