House Speaker John Boehner has put the breaks on immigration legislation. He now
says it's doubtful any kind of legislation will pass this year, and he says it's President
Obama's fault.  Boehner says Republicans don't trust the President to enforce
any law that congress passes.

Fourth District Congressman Doc Hastings says any immigration reform bill must include provisions to secure the borders but he and many GOP leaders don't believe the President would enforce such provisions. "If the President is not going to enforce provisions in his signature piece of legislation, namely Obamacare, what would lead you to believe that he would enforce a something that he probably doesn't have his heart in."

Obama had urged congress to pass immigration reform during his state of the union
address last week. A glimmer of common ground appeared days later when, during the
house republican retreat, GOP leaders issued guidelines for what they would accept in a comprehensive immigration overhaul.  Hastings believes the President has gone over the line with some of his executive orders and many are fearful he would do the same with immigration reform legislation.