The immigrant rights group One America is hoping to ride a wave of support in the state legislature to pass the DREAM Act during this special legislative session now underway in Olympia. One America spokesman Toby Guevin the Senior Policy and Civil Engagement Manager says he knows a big focus is on the State budget but he is hopeful the dream act will find support among lawmakers.

Guevin says following a rally in Yakima last week and the canvassing of Senator Curtis King and Senator Jim Honeyfords' districts enthusiasm remains high and they remain hopeful. “It is hard to think about it not happening this year given all the support it is generated. But if it does not happen this year we will be back next year pushing for passage.” The measure, that passed the house but not the senate earlier this year would make young illegal immigrants eligible for state college financial aid.

Republican lawmakers from the Yakima Valley supported the act except for 15th District State Representative David Taylor.

DREAM is an acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors.