Any of us who have been in the work force for any length of time have fantasized about how we would tell a bad boss or company how to "take this job and shove it." One woman did it with imagination and a unique video.

The way Marina Shifrin quit her job has launched an flood of offers from others who want to hire her and got nearly 5.5 million YouTube views in the process.

Shifrin worked for an digital animation company and apparently had had enough. In her job, she made viral videos. Now, her video has gone viral.

Since exploding on the internet, Shifrin's video has attracted job offers even marriage proposals.

Personally, I have fantasized through the years a few times about how I would quit my job and tell off the boss. Unfortunately, decency prevents me from telling you about them. But none of them were as innovative as Marina Shifrin's.

Visit Marina Shifrin's website here.