My wife and I used to own a pair of Dodge Neon automobiles. One was silver and one was a silver-grayish color.  We were newlyweds and I guess we thought we were cute.  We were also part of the national proliferation of silver colored cars.

Today the Neons are gone and so is the trend.

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

After more than a decade on top, silver is no longer the world's most popular car color, according to PPG Industries, the leading supplier of automotive paints.

PPG said 25 percent of the vehicles it supplied in the 2013 model year were white, up three percent from the previous year. Silver and black tied for second, at 18 percent each.

PPG's Jane Harrington, the manager of automotive color styling, and her team determine color trends by watching fashion, architectural paint colors and other predictors. She believes more deep jewel tones are coming and more earthy metallics.

Could matching jewel tones be in my future?  Or yours? Perhaps!