When the pendulum swing too far one way, it seems that it always manages to swing back.  What was common sense in the 1950's may be in vogue again as a letter written in a newspaper goes viral.The Huffington Post reports - Whether you agree with the advice or not, some no-nonsense words directed at teenagers have drawn the attention of parents and youth alike after going viral on Facebook.  The advice allegedly came courtesy of a principal named John Tapene, who was quoting a judge who regularly deals with youths. The judge was aiming to answer questions in the vein of, "What can I do and where can I go?"

Responses to the clip range from enthusiastic approval, with people saying they're going to print it out and post it on their refrigerator, to others deeming it far too harsh and old-school authoritarian.

For those who are suggesting the advice might be somewhat dated, there’s a good explanation: A man Walt Burville recently wrote to The Huffington Post and identified multiple sources that confirm his mother, Doris S Burville, originally authored "Letter to a Teenager" back in 1955.

Whomever, whenever, wherever.  It gets my vote for letter of the year. 

(and any year!)