If you follow our posts here you know we love to report the results of various studies on human behavior..  Fortunately university and human behavior experts produce an average of 33,000 studies about activities ranging from romance to crime to the way people salt food.

Thanks for the show prep! It’s always fascinating to find out about ourselves and our fellow man.  Check these out from Bernard Asbell, author of "The Book Of You."

  • A man and a woman who aren't getting along stare at each other in the eyes often to gauge each other's reactions.
  • In an elevator, you'll allow a short stranger to stand twice as close to you as a tall one.
  • If you believe you control your own destiny, you'll salt your food before tasting it. If you believe other people control your fate, you'll taste the food before salting it.
  • The worst fear of teenage boys is going to jail. Teenage girls most fear the death of their parents.
  • You're more likely to be a mugging victim if you walk like a nerd. Nerd-walking means you have abnormally long or short strides, swing an arm and leg on the same side in unison or keep the top half of your body rigid while walking.

A snap shot of us. 5 down --32, 995 to go!