This one hurts to pass along.  In fact, I can’t even believe I’m doing it. But here goes.  Guys, if you want to impress a lady, get a cat.


Man, that was tough. More details to come on why that allegedly works but true confessions come first.  I was raised on a farm with lots of cats and I enjoyed their presence. We used to love to search the haystacks to find the newborn kittens.  Our cats kept the mice populations in check. They were fun to play with…OUTSIDE!

I think cats belong outdoors.  My wife had two indoor cats when I met her…one still survives and I know if it came down to “tanja” or me, I would probably end up on your doorstep looking for a bowl of milk!  So I am not a fan…plus I have become allergic over the years. So it is with a hint of hypocrisy  that I say:

Single men who love cats are more likely to get a date. 90% of single women surveyed by Cats Protection in the UK said men who like cats are nicer, more caring, and more sensitive than men who don't have cats. (that’s probably true)

The survey also found that 85% of men and 94% of women do not think it is wimpy or needy for a man to love his cat. (don’t ask)