Now that Independence Day celebrations are in the rearview mirror, the state fire marshal's office has suggestions for dealing with used and unused fireworks.

In a press release, State Fire Marshal Chuck Duffy reminds residents that used fireworks can leave behind a great deal of debris

They offer the following tips and suggestions on safely dealing with post-4th cleanup.

Used Fireworks:

  1. Clean up all fireworks debris.
  2. Soak the used fireworks in a bucket of water for fifteen minutes to ensure they are cooled down and there are no smoldering embers that can start a fire.
  3. Place the soaked fireworks in a metal trash can.
  4. Do not put used fireworks that have not been soaked into a paper or plastic bag, as this could lead to a fire starting within the bag.
  5. Return to your fireworks discharge area the next morning to clean up any remaining firework debris—things can be easily overlooked in the dark.

Unused Fireworks:

  1. Outside of the legal discharge dates, contact your local law enforcement agency on a non-emergency number to see if they collect unused fireworks for disposal.
  2. Check with a Public Display Company to see if they can use the fireworks in a display show. To find a list of Public Display Companies go to
  3. If you find a homemade device or illegal explosive device, call 911 for instructions. Do not handle or move the device.