We have all heard the punch line on TV, in the movies and just maybe in real life…he asks her and she says ”Not Tonight, I have  a Headache.  Well we are in the midst of”National Headache Awareness Week -- June 3-9 and its time to put that myth to bed…so to speak.

Researchers report many people use techniques such as massage, heat, cold or compression to relieve headache pain, but these methods are rarely effective.  Only 8% resulted in good or excellent pain relief. And the relief was usually temporary, lasting only as long as the technique continued. SO…medical researchers from Southern Illinois University prescribe bed rest…sort of.  At least the bed if not the rest!

Researchers found that 50 percent of women surveyed said sex banishes their headaches as well as medicine does. It turns out that a little love actually relieves headaches by releasing the tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain. Now you know!  http://www.headaches.org