For the next six weeks, people who work at or live near Memorial Hospital will experience road construction as the City of Yakima upgrades a water main at the intersection of Walnut and South 28th Avenues.  During this time, Memorial will make good on its promise to its neighbors by closing off its campus as part of the Barge-Chestnut neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan.  The closure is part of Memorial’s 30-year Campus Master Plan agreement with the City.  There will be no construction of additional buildings or expansion of buildings at this time.

 Effective immediately, the hospital will no longer be accessible from the north through the Barge-Chestnut neighborhood.  Instead, visitors and employees are encouraged to enter the hospital from Tieton Drive at the intersections of 28th and 30th Avenues.“We do anticipate an increase in traffic volumes and congestion at these intersections, especially during shift changes,” says Memorial Vice President Jim Aberle.  “We are educating our staff, visitors and neighbors to have patience and exercise caution as people adjust to new traffic patterns around the hospital.”

 Aberle adds that expansion of hospital facilities is still several years away and will only be considered as a need in the community is identified and financial resources are available.

 Once the road and water main work is completed, a traffic diverter will re-route travelers on 28th Avenue at Walnut Avenue and barriers will block traffic on 29th and 30th Avenues just south of Chestnut.   A cul-de-sac on S. 29th avenue will be opened, creating access to S. 29th Avenue from Walnut within the Memorial campus.  

  “Right now we are laying the foundation for what Memorial will look like in 30 years,” says Aberle.  “These are just the beginning steps in the evolution of our campus master plan.”