One of my favorite movie titles of all time is “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.  It just casts a chilling shadow of impending creepiness.

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

That’s Cinema—but this is real.  I feel that same sense of foreboding in the air today as we move into fall. In fact I have started to hear rumblings, rumors and reports of a new haunted building in the heart of downtown Yakima. Stay tuned for more information on the paranormal as it becomes available. Now maybe you don’t believe in ghosts—but perhaps you do.

If so, you’re in good and sizeable company.  Gallup reports that one in three Americans "believe in ghosts." 32 percent of all adults say they believe that "ghosts or spirits of dead people can come back," while 48 percent do not, and 19 percent are unsure.

An even larger number of Americans believe that houses can be haunted, with 37 percent saying yes, 16 percent are not sure with just 46 percent saying no.

Haunted buildings? Yakima? Downtown?  Stay tuned.