Fourth District Congressman Doc Hastings says House Republicans want to have an honest conversation with President Obama and Senate Democrats about how to best solve the government shutdown. That Pasco Republican says the prolonged government shutdown is fueled by the Democrats unwillingness to negotiate.   Hastings does welcome the meeting today between the President and House Republicans leaders, although he has no idea what the outcome will be. "It appears to be, I hope, a willingness on behalf of the President to sit down and negotiate which has always been our position. So this is the start hopefully, and hopefully some good will come out of it."

Meanwhile the house is moving forward with approving smaller bills.

Wednesday, the House passed with bipartisan support the Honoring the Families of Fallen Soldiers Act, providing for continued payment of final expenses to the families of fallen American soldiers. On Thursday, the House will continue addressing issues that both sides agree on, by considering the Border Safety and Security Act, which provides immediate funding for border security programs at the Department of Homeland Security at 2013 fiscal year levels.