A major food drive by Haney Trucking for the Oso mudslide victims gathered more than 70,000 pounds of food and supplies Saturday.

Jennifer Warell, the payroll supervisor for Haney, says the response was overwhelming. She says thanks to donations by community members they were able to fill one and half semi trailers full of supplies.

“And hopefully," she adds, "we’ll fill that second trailer. We had Del Monte give us pallets of food. The support has just been great from the community.”

The supplies will be transported to the Oso area later this week to help victims recover from last month's disaster. Many have lost everything.

The food drive is a result of an effort by an East Valley teacher Randy Andrews who, on his own, gathered some 4,000 pounds of food and delivered it to mudslide victims. Haney Trucking then held the drive to further help Andrews, who is a former Haney employee.